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tv   Nightline  ABC  September 2, 2016 11:37pm-12:07am MDT

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this is "nightline." >> tonight, early release. former stanford swimmer brock turner convicted sex offender, walks out of jail after serving less than half his short sentence for sexual assault. igniting fresh controversy. new details from that night which survivor. >> every time she sees a tall blond man with short hair from behind, she's going to be fearful that that's him. >> how this may change california's criminal laws. ? everybody was kung fu fighting ? >> plus the tradition of kung fu fighting didn't start with the 1974 karl douglas song. bob woodruff takes us to a village in fighting where all the adults, children, even the elderly are skilled in the
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good evening. thanks for joining us. yet another high-profile campus sexual assault. a former stanford swimmer convicted of three felonies after attacking an unconscious young woman. but it was his six-month sentence that provoked national outrage. now after serving just half his jail term, he's free. here's abc's matt gutman with the fallout. >> reporter: it may have been a short jail sentence, but brock long. opening the jailhouse door with a bang, the former stanford swimmer hustling through the gauntlet of reporters hurling questions at him. >> brock, brock! >> are you ready to apologize? >> what do you have to say to your victim? >> do you wish you had a longer sentence? >> reporter: then whisked away in this car. he'd served just 90 days of a six-month jail sentence. but look closely.
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empty-handed. you mentioned hate mail. what do you mean are we talking about? >> large amounts of mail. >> large amounts? >> are you ready to apologize? >> what are you going to do with the mail? >> release to it him. >> reporter: turner is out of this jail cell, his time behind bars is ending. but for the survivor of the assault, a new fear is just beginning. >> every time she sees a tall, blond man with short hair from behind, she's going to be fearful that that's him. no matter how unlikely o improbable that is. that is a part of life. >> reporter: in march, turner pleaded not guilty to sexually assaulting emily doe who was passed out drunk behind a dumpster after a party on the stanford university campus. it was right there that january night in 2015 that graduate students karl friedrich arndt and peter johnson stopped when they saw two people on the ground. >> she wasn't moving. >> the man on top of her was? >> yeah. my friend said, what the
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anything, when he was laying down on the ground, for example. tried to seem like nothing happened, essentially. >> reporter: according to him, when turner ran, he and johnson ran out of reserve after him, pinning him to the ground. >> you saw her lying on the ground, was it pretty obvious what had happened? >> yeah. she was half naked. yeah. >> reporter: soon after police arresting turner they took these images showing abrasions on his face, hands and torn flannel shirt. in an initial told police he'd been drunk but functional. >> we watched that interrogation video not once is brock turner emotional. in it he says, "my intention was not to try to rape a girl without consent, i was trying to hook up with a girl." and he says they were intimate but he never did get her name.r hookup. from the letter she read in court, "my breasts had been
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needles and debris. my bare skin and head had been rubbing against the ground behind a dumpster." brock turner was convicted of sexual assault. he was sentenced in june. he faced 14 years in prison. the prosecution asked for six years. he received only six months. and served half that time. the judge assigned to his case, aaron persky, saying he feared the severe impact the prison term would have on a star coll >> what was this judge thinking? i don't know what he's thinking but i know what we can do about it. we can try to get him off the bench. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, judge persky has to go. >> reporter: that sentence setting off a firestorm. he's received death threats. following the backlash, last week he removed himself from all criminal cases. is what's happening to judge persky a witch hunt? >> yes, 100% witch hunt.
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about him is absolutely factually and legally incorrect. who isn't against sexual assault? it's like being against puppies and rainbows. i mean, i as a public defender since 1990, i don't like crime any more than anyone else likes crime. i don't like sexual assault any more than anyone else likes it. everything that's being spewed forth is absolutely wrong. >> reporter: but professor michelle dauber says persky displayed a pattern of leniency in sexual assault cases. >> this judge seems to have a misunderstanding about the role of alcohol in sex crimes. >> could this just be about judicial discretion and a judge trying to be progressive and lenient in a society where most often prison doesn't actually help rehabilitate offenders? >> well, no. if you look across this judge's cases, he has consistently bent
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white, privileged defendants in sex crime cases and in cases involving violence against women. >> reporter: and just this monday the california state assembly passing a bill inspired by turner's sentence to impose harsher penalties for similar assaults. if signed into law an offender convicted of sexual assault would serve a mandatory minimum of three years behind bars. santa clara county sheriff laurie smith says it's time for that change. >> i don't think that anybody who's convicted of rape should especially when they only serve three months. i think the law is wrong. no woman should have to go through that and he should be in prison. >> reporter: tonight the stanford campus still seething over jumpersky's ruling. >> it wasn't taken seriously as a problem. i think that's what happens when violence is committed against women. >> reporter: the outrage over the sentence echoed last month in massachusetts when 18-year-old david becker, charges with raping two classmates, walked out of court
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indecent sexual assault. becker's two female classmates told police they were at a house party with the star athlete in april. they said they'd been drinking and had gone to sleep. body claimed they woke up at different times to becker sexually assaulting them. according to police reports, becker told investigators that when one of the girls didn't protest, he assumed it was okay. and he denied having any physical contact with the other alleged victim. the 18-year-old's lawyer argng community service, and deserved to go to college. the judge in the case seeming to agree. >> i think that given mr. becker's position in life, to find him guilty at this point would slam a lot of doors. >> reporter: thousands of online petitioners calling for the removal of that judge from the bench. some calling the similarities to the stanford trial striking. with one tweet reading, brock turner and now david becker. privilege is a lethal thing.
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to his home state of ohio where they're already protesting his arrival. >> to have somebody like that in our neighborhood who isn't very friendly to young women -- i just have an issue. >> reporter: he'll have to register as a sex offender every 90 days for the rest of his life. should people be concerned that brock turner's being released? >> no. he's going to be watched. he's going to be on present bob. there's nothing that indicates brock turne monster. it was a bad mistake on that night and he will suffer the consequences for the rest of his life. >> reporter: that is small consolation for the survivor. >> she underwent a very, very, very traumatic and serious sexual assault. of course it's very upsetting to her to think that he is now going to be wandering around out in the world and even though she knows that he's going to be primarily living in ohio, you know, he could be anywhere.
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to do battle with a tiger in hand to hand combat. this should go without saying, do not try this at home. in america the ancient art of kung fu is mostly a movie plot device or a hobby. but in this chinese village it is a sacred way of life. here's abc's bob woodruff. ? >> reporter: tucked away in the misty hills of southwestern ch don't want to mess with. that's because everybody in the village -- man, woman, young and old -- seems to know kung fu. everybody. even on the road to the village in the town market, we start to see signs. >> kung fu? kung fu? >> reporter: they all know more
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moves in the middle of a busy street. ? here we meet 14-year-old tao chin fan, who like the others could probably have kicked my butt too. >> do you know how to do it? really? can you show us? >> reporter: but was too polite to beat me up. >> okay, so we have to go into the village because this is too much competition >> reporter: when we finally reach gong hu -- >> kung fu land, we have arrived. >> reporter: it is straight from your imagination. wooden houses perched on steep slopes. old masters dressing the part, still ready to demonstrate their skills. kung fu has been part of the culture here for centuries. but only became popular in the u.s. in the last 40 years. thanks to the rise of kung fu
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with those amazing stunts. >> we're going to tear this place into little pieces! >> reporter: outlandish plots. >> tell your boss we need some more time. >> reporter: and truly terrible dubbing. >> dragon whip! >> reporter: which despite my improving chinese might have been helpful as we interviewed gong hu's preeminent kung fu master tao. this is commonly known as the poorest province in china, more famous for their liquor than kung fu. but tao is clearly an aficionado of both. >> you drink a lot of white wine here? >> reporter: drunken kung fu, a style of kung fu perfected by the chinese monks in the 17th century, immortalized in jackie
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but master tao says it's not for him. >> people from outside the town try to steal the secret of it? you can't teach me the secrets of your kung fu? >> reporter: no secrets, he says, but master tao did try to teach me some moves. as it turns out, chin fang is his grand niece, who is learning from her father, training ever reday when she is n >> do all your friends study kung fu like you? >> reporter: today she is training with a staff. by tradition the village's weapon of choice. the same smooth moves used by bruce lee thwarting his opponents in "enter the dragon." how did kung fu develop here? the lure here is to protect themselves from wild animals. their grandfathers fought off
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this mantels us that it was his grandfather who fought and killed the last tiger. >> the tigers are up there? he says two generations ago, his grandfather was actually attacked by a tiger. he fought him back with a stick. and that failed. the tiger attacked him, bit his arm. it began to bleed. back then they had no medicine to heal it. he came back and then died of the infection. >> reporter: he shows us the tiger. now a proud family heirloom. >> this is the one? >> reporter: he takes us to the spot at the edge of the village where the tiger attacked. >> this is gorgeous. this is gorgeous. the tiger was righthere? >> reporter: this old man says he remembers the day clearly. he was just a toddler. >> you saw this tiger after he was dead?
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stick to kill it. the year was 1943. >> when he saw this dead tiger back in 1943, it was the last tiger that anybody around here saw, no more tigers. >> reporter: the tradition continues. >> i got trained by the master. someday my dream is to be as good as you are. so maybe someday do you think you'll be the master? >> reporter: she seems to think so. the little ones learning from their elders, just as they did in "the karate kid." ready to pass the torch to the next generation. >> can you teach me? >> reporter: it might take me a little practice. okay, a lot of practice. >> it's the feet that's hard for me. >> reporter: but maybe one day i could catch up with the
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>> why do you like doing kung fu? >> reporter: for now, they'll keep working on their craft, preparing for thieves, tigers, and of course possible future stardom in the movies. for "nightline," i'm bob would the rough in gong hu, china. up next, there's a new breed of instagram celebrities. a trio of gorgeous goldendoodles living it up summer. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix. smoking's a monkey on my back. it was, it was always controlling your time, your actions, your money. it had me. it had me. i would not be a non-smoker today if it wasn't for chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke
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the frat boy's walk of shame. and the warning being issued to his neighbors. and, exclusive. first video. >> yeah, big boy! >> the little boy thrown off


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